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Better late than never

It has come to my attention that it has been far too long since I last wrote in here. Sorry guys, been far too busy living life to write about it.

I hate those all-in-one-post blog entries that just contain point-form activities, so I'll do mine in paragraphs in random order. (Which is only slightly better.)

The jazz band has started up again (first real rehearsal tonight) for a gig on the 12th at Kirstenbosch. I don't have any further details, but it's going to be a good one. I only realised during last week's trombone section rehearsal how much I missed Wednesday night jazz. The Dukes band is fun, but the music isn't as challenging (some of it is downright boring, actually, but we need to do it) and we usually have big gaps where we're missing instruments.

I have been domesticated. I now own a pot and a pan and am actually cooking myself breakfast most mornings. Usually eggs on toast and such, but today I experimented with fried onion as well. I need to tune the herbs I add (basil and thyme were handy, but not that great) and reduce the quantity (a whole onion is too much) but it's an overall win. One of these days I might be able to actually cook some proper food. (Mom, if you're reading this, this paragraph is a lie. I eat muesli and yoghurt for breakfast and cook marvelous and healthy suppers every night.)

In the last month or so, I have watched most of Doctor Who (the new version) and Torchwood. Definitely near the top of my list of things I really want there to be more of.

I have received two emails about my Erlang stuff. One was a wonderful ego-boosting thank-you and the other seemed to be a question in a language my browser refuses to display except as hex-runes.

On browsers: I finally updated to Firefox 3 on my primary machine. Two things had been delaying this. Two extensions I really struggle without (Chromatabs and Tab Mix Plus) didn't have fx3 versions. They both now have beta versions (although in the case of the former it's actually a new extension). Fx3 really struggles with malformed certificates and won't let you add an exception to visit the site anyway. I think this is still the case, but the one site I relied on with a broken cert has finally fixed it. I quite like the new UI. The biggest win has to be that auth windows and plugin loads no longer lock the whole browser, something that had really irritated me in fx2.

Tomorrow morning shall see me giving my flat a much-overdue clean in preparation for the arrival of a houseguest. I should probably finish putting up my last blind, too. (pkeike, if you're reading this, ignore this paragraph. My flat is always spotless and I did nothing special to prepare for your arrival.)

And now, a rant:
Dear Google, please give me a version of Chrome I can actually use. I realise that most of your userbase is quite happy with a Windows-only version, but some of us prefer an OS that isn't actively hostile. At the very least, can we have one that works in wine By alienating a large class of free-software developers you're not buying any favours. Yours, $linux_lad.
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