jerith (jerith) wrote,

A very disturbing newspaper article

... but not necessarily for the reason you think.

Go read this article on IOL entitled "Big Bang experiment marred by suicide" and consider what the most obvious worrying thing in it is.

Done? Good. To me, the following quote did it: "Large Hadron Collider (LHV)" (emphasis mine). Sure, the factual errors and minor dissemination of FUD in the article are a problem. The media fixation on a non-existent doomsday threat is a problem, but the girl mentioned almost certainly had far bigger problems that could have been triggered by anything.

The fact that a major news agency cannot be bothered to properly proofread an article that they're placing before millions of eyes makes me question their competence in everything else they do. I wouldn't care so much if this were a once-off, but it seems to be happening a lot recently.

Update: Looks like they fixed it. See my comment below.
Tags: rant, web
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