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A reply from Audible about DRM

As mentioned in my post entitled A note to Audible about DRM, I wrote to Audible about the DRM in their audiobooks. I have since received a reply:
Dear Jeremy,

Thank you for contacting On its behalf, I would like to apologize
for any inconvenience and I am most committed to satisfying and resolving your
inquiry to the fullest of my abilities.

As per your email, I can understand how the DRM can cause such an inconvenience
to customers, and that others have found a way to work around the DRM which
seems to be listed online. However to further elaborate on the DRM, it is
important on our end to support it because majority of publishers would prefer
their content to be protected. You see without the DRM we would not be able to
distribute the majority of our 50,000 titles.

Now as for Amazon, I personally have not heard anything about us dropping the
DRM, due to a high volume of complaints. So I do apologize, but since I haven't
heard of anything, I would not honestly be able to comment on this rumor. Again
thank you for contacting us here at Audible and have a great day!!

Here at Audible, we truly value and appreciate your business; if you need
further assistance, please respond to this email or if you wish, please provide
me with a contact number and the best available time to reach you.

For additional questions, how to contact us and hours of operation, please
visit us at:

Reggie M.
Audible Customer Support

It seems that, as expected, nothing is going to be done about the situation. This is sad, since I would probably spend quite a lot of money there if I were allowed to.

Ah well, there are still wonderful places like Escape Pod, Pseudopod, Podcastle, Variant Frequencies and Podiobooks where I can get high quality audio stories.
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