jerith (jerith) wrote,

GeekDinner: Karmic Kava

Last night I attended the most recent Cape Town GeekDinner, Karmic Kava. The venue was Adesso, who really went all out to make it a fantastic evening. The food was great, even though none of the choices on the menu were really to my taste.

I was the slideshow karaoke victim presenter this time around, and Vhata provided me with a presentation he stole from found on the internet. While it wasn't ideal karaoke material in that there was way too much verbiage, I knew the subject matter well enough to pick up a couple of keywords and wing it. The subject in question was Reiki, and my treatment of it would certainly have offended any true believers in the audience, but I'd had just enough sponsored wine by that point that I really didn't care. Most people seemed to enjoy it, though. I even mentioned Laser Reiki amongst the more grandiose claims.

After that, I spent the rest of the evening circulating and ended up in a corner discussing programming languages, editors and distributed systems with a guy whose name I either didn't catch or don't remember. Before I knew it, it was after midnight and time to head home and get some sleep. All in all, my best GeekDinner experience yet.
Tags: geekdinner, people
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